What we do

What we do

We love to see people thrive and we believe creativity has the power to release healing, hope and freedom in people’s lives.

Coming together to do arts helps people with positive relationship building and to feel more connected in their community.

Creative expression can also be very empowering to those have been voiceless.

We run 10-week creative arts workshops that take people on a healing journey using the themes:










Hopes and Dreams

We offer

Writing for Wellbeing

Writing for Wellbeing is a 10 week programme. Each week builds thematically on the one before, taking the writers on a journey that encourages authenticity, freedom and hope.

Drumming for Wellbeing

Our Drumming for Wellbeing programme uses therapeutic drum-circle experiences to develop creativity and wellbeing. The course focuses on team building, self-expression, motivation and emotional regulation.

Crafting for Wellbeing

In collaboration with Peaced Together, we offer a 10-week programme seeing brokenness as an opportunity for creative design.

Drama for Wellbeing

Content in development

Self-Reliant Groups

Through our partnership with Purple Shoots we offer the chance for our creative groups to become longer term projects.

SRGs are groups of people who meet for friendship, support, skill sharing and saving together. They are independent and can make their own decisions. Groups have the potential to develop their own enterprises for the benefit of themselves and their communities.

The wonderful thing about SRGs is that they can all look very different, but with the ultimate goal that the individuals can depend upon one another to creative a positive impact.