Case Study – Writing for Wellbeing class

“I enjoyed all sessions, but I remember in particular a session where we tried to write haiku. Before that session, I thought I didn’t have any ability to write poems, but after that session I changed my mind because I could write about my feelings and I could feel my feelings when I wrote. Because of my situation and problems here, most of the time I have stress, but I try to control it by keeping myself busy. I try to reject my emotions like being homesick and missing my family. I try to be patient and strong. But when I attended your class, everything changed. In your class I could feel my feelings. I cried. My experience was that I was able to feel all my emotions together in the Writing for Wellbeing class. It was my first time in the UK when I could cry in front of other people. All the time I try to be strong. When I’m on my own sometimes I cry and think about my problems, but in public no. I have made lots of friends here in the UK, and they all say, ‘You are strong, you have a glowing smile,’ but I think that most of them don’t know about the inside of me, but I could show myself here in this class. I’m really thankful for your class, your help and your support.” (Iranian woman, age 35)